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Welcome to my personal blog that turned into a huge, multi-fandom mess. I'm primarily a video game and animanga blog with my current obsession being kuroko no basuke. I offered my heart for humanity only to take it back to give it to someone way more important.I am a photoshop freak and love making gifs and graphics but please remember to reblog and not repost. I am the admin and run the Kingdom Editors network page.



Special 24.000 Followers - Day 02. Request by: hyoriki { YUKINE }

Send me two ships/characters and I’ll make a gifset or graphic of the one I prefer

I have 30 gb of skyrim footage to go through wtf it’s only been 1 hour.

I Want It That Way
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I’m letting Alduin repeatedly kill me for the GIFs. What has become my life lmao

I’m going to cap some Skyrim hella